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Atlantic Crossings Revisited Workshop lineup including University of Oxford’s Peter Kemp, City of Paris Deputy Mayor Jean-Louis Missika, The Paris Urbanism Agency’s (APUR) Patricia Pelloux, and Columbia University’s Lance Freeman, Laura Kurgan, and Robert Beauregard



2017 / 2018


LiPs weekly Lectures in Planning Series at Columbia University organizing committee member

Series lineup including Regional Plan Association (RPA) President Tom Wright, NPR’s Natalie Moore, MIT’s Lawrence Vale, NYU’s Tom Sugrue, Cornell University’s Tom Campanella, University of Oxford’s David Kirk, UC Berkeley’s Carolina Reid, and University of Toronto’s Theresa Enright



Participant in "The Matter of Cities: Evacuating the 'Material' in Urban Social and Technical Controversies" - Alliance Doctoral Workshops - Columbia University/ Sciences Po Paris



PhD Staff for the "Past is Prologue: Planning's Critical Approach to 100 Years of Zoning" - Columbia University

Conference lineup including Harvard’s Jerold Kayden, NYU’s Vicki Been and Ingrid Gould-Ellen, University of Georgia’s Sonia Hirt, and Université de Montréal’s Raphaël Fischler




Volunteering Staff for the "Mapping and its Discontents Symposium" - Global Urban Humanities Initiative, College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley


Organizer of the roundtable “Urban Questions - Public-Private Production of Urban Spaces in America” at the Institut des Amériques annual conference in Lyon, France, with Nora Nafaa.


Presentation for the workshop organized in Paris by the Ministère de la Transition Ecologique, Mission d’Appui SRU “20 years of SRU Law: Policy assessment and a comparison with international case studies”


Presentation for the seminar DREAM  organized in Paris by the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Centre d’histoire sociale des mondes contemporains “Ateliers d’Alger : Connecting the voices of the past, present and future in order to collectively reshape the neighborhoods of Algiers”


Presentation for the conference Urban Life at the Extensions organized in Paris by AbdouMaliq Simone, Urban Institute, University of Sheffield — Conference cycle at the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP).


Presentation to the Saint Francis University (Pennsylvania) study abroad program students on the construction site of the Saint-Ouen ZAC des Docks and the Village Olympique in Saint-Denis, with Henry Grabar.


Presentation of Algiers: Housing the independence, postcolonial architecture and planning — Conference cycle of the Columbia University Global Center in Paris, with Yousra Boutheina Reghis and Malek Cheikh


May 2022: Speaker for the University of Rhode Island Get Housing Right conference “Lessons from France: The case of mandated fair-share programs”— Transformative Affordable Housing Policies panel.


April 2022: Speaker for the executive education lecture series IDHEAL “La France, mieux ou moins bien logée que ses voisins ?” - Section Un logement en crises(s) ? at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris planning museum.


April 2022: Guest Speaker for the Housing Markets and Policies class taught by Pr. Arthur Acolin - Title: “Is France better housed than its neighbors? The case of social housing” - University of Washington, Seattle. Invited again in January 2023.


April 2022: Speaker for the Sciences Po Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics - “Mixité de façade: How historically disinvested neighborhoods negotiate inclusionary zoning in Paris and New York” - Politics of Urbanism Lecture.


March 2022: Speaker for the Nancy CPGE public civil servant prep school training program - “La métropole américaine à l’épreuve des inégalités : Le rôle et les effets de la crise du logement à New York sous la mandature de Bill de Blasio (2013-2021)”.


March 2021: Speaker on the Housing panel at the Thirteenth Annual Krueckeberg Doctoral Conference in Urban Studies, Urban Planning and Public Policy in New Brunswick, NJ (USA). Title: "Seine-Saint-Denis Style: how one banlieue’s institutional model might be the solution to the Grand Paris housing crisis" 


November 2020: Speaker on the Housing track at the ACSP Annual Conference in Toronto (Canada). Title: "Seine-Saint-Denis Style: how one banlieue’s institutional model might be the solution to the Grand Paris housing crisis"


November 2020: [with Michael Snidal and Tyler Haupert] Speaker on the Community Development track at the ACSP Annual Conference in Toronto (Canada). Title: "Predicting Black Outmigration in the American Metropolis"


October 2019: [with Tyler Haupert and Pauline Claramunt Torche] Organizer of the Atlantic Crossings Revisited interdisciplinary workshop in Columbia University's Reid Hall Center in Paris (France). Title: "Urban Policy and Planning Transfers between New York and Paris"


July 2019: [with Rosalie Singerman Ray] Speaker on the track The role of the local in improving cohesion and spatial justice at the AESOP Planning for Transition Annual Congress in Venice (Italy). Title: "Beyond the Grands Chantiers: Planning the contours of a viable territorial project for Paris"


July 2019: Speaker on the track Housing, gentrification and socio-spatial dynamics at the AESOP Planning for Transition Annual Congress in Venice (Italy). Title: "Accessory-Dwelling Units: A Case for more incremental research to inform policy making"


June 2019: Speaker on the panel Territories of Accumulation at the Accumulating Capital: Strategies of profit and dispossessive policies Conference in Université Paris Dauphine (Paris, France). Title: "What's the Deal with Dispossessive Policies? The Case of the de Blasio administration's Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program (New York, 2014-2019)"


March 2019: Speaker on the panel Governance and City Data at the Eleventh Annual Krueckeberg Doctoral Conference in Urban Studies, Urban Planning and Public Policy in New Brunswick, NJ (USA). Title: "Beavers Of The Banlieues: The Methodological Challenges Of Mixing Official Planning Archives And Oral History"


Speaker on the panel Resilient and Healthy Cities at the UN-Habitat, Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization and Columbia University Urban October Conference in New York City (USA). Title: "Two Birds with One Stone: Why Junior Researchers should get on board with Sustainable Metropolitan Governance"


Speaker on the panel Resistance and Concessions in Global Housing Markets of the Housing and Community Development Track at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Meeting in Buffalo, New York (USA). Title: "Outlaw Municipalities: The SRU Law, Social Housing, and Exclusionary Practices in France"


Speaker on the panel Material Logics of Territorial Stigmatisation: From Urban Devaluation to Urban Revaluation? of the Urban Geography Research Group at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Meeting in Cardiff, Wales (UK). Title: "Beavers of the Banlieues: Alternative narratives of postwar affordable housing production in France"


Speaker on the Foreign Fulbright Student Panel of the Institute of International Education in New York, USA. Title: "Advice from Second-Year Fulbrighters"


Speaker on the Symposium on Human Dynamics in Smart and Connected Communities: Understanding Neighborhood Dynamics 2 - Trajectories and Longitudinal Analyses" of the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Boston, USA. Title: "Time and Obduracy in the Study of Neighborhood Change and Stability"


Speaker on the Housing - Critical Futures Program of the Architecture_MPS Research Group Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus. Paper Title: "The Supreme Right to Housing: a step closer to inclusionary city-wide planning, as evidenced in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA)"


Speaker on the Nervous Systems Panel of the International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities Scenes of Innovation II Affective Cities Conference. Paper Title: "Mapping Distress in North American Suburbs: An Obstacle to Urban Transformation?"


Speaker on the Interdisciplinary Panel of UBC Vancouver's Graduate Metamorphosis Conference, Canada. Paper Title: "Changes in the Bay Area: Designing New Migration Patterns, Shaping Tomorrow's Metropolitan Evolutions"



Web documentary interviewer for the sustainable governance conference organized by ENS DE LYON/ENSMEDIA and the Grand Lyon metropolitan agency - Title: "Sustainable Planet! 3 days of debates, expression and exchange"

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