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Peer-reviewed quantitative analyses

"The SRU Law, twenty years later: evaluating the legacy of France’s most important social housing program"

Data collection & analysis: 2018-2020

Original database created at the municipality level - National scale [France]

Paper drafted based on work sessions with officials, practitioners & researchers in Paris and New York

Publication platform: Housing Studies

* Housing Studies is the leading international journal and a major forum for theoretical and analytical developments in the housing field. It explores a range of academic and policy concerns, including linkages between housing and other areas of social and economic policy, the economics of housing consumption and housing finance, and issues of sustainability and housing development. 
























Think tank research reports

Inclusionary Zoning in Paris and New York: Antidote to Gentrification or Trojan's Horse?, with Dr. Lance Freeman

Data collection & analysis: 2019-2021

New database released at the parcel level - Metropolitan scale [New York & Paris]

Report drafted based on a comparison of two pioneer inclusionary zoning programs in both cities, via partnerships with statistics institutions, and work sessions with officials, practitioners & researchers in Paris and New York

Publication platform: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy - Cambridge, Massachusetts (US)


* The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy seeks to improve quality of life through the effective use, taxation, and stewardship of land. It researches and recommends creative approaches to land as a solution to economic, social, and environmental challenges. Through education, training, publications, and events, it integrates theory and practice to inform public policy decisions. 

Public policy + Advocacy planning reports

Atelier Parisien d'Urbanisme (APUR) - Inégalités sociales de santé dans le Grand Paris : Actions emblématiques

Data collection & analysis: 2022-Present

Work in progress

Contribution to the APUR Report “L’offre de soins dans la Métropole du Grand Paris : Inégalités sociales et territoriales de santé (Clément Boisseuil, project manager, Emilie Moreau, Director of social and economic projects), Paris, March 2023.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) - Revue de politique urbaine nationale du Maroc

Data collection & analysis: 2021-Present

Work in progress

San Francisco Center for Planning and Urban Research (SPUR) - Future of Downtown Oakland Project

Data collection & analysis: 2014-2015

Database created to orient policy recommendations prior to the launch of

SPUR's third office in Oakland

(interviews with key local stakeholders, data collection on downtown Oakland's

existing conditions, community outreach, BRT transportation design charrette)

Report drafted with SPUR teams and pro bono designers from Perkins+Will San Francisco

Publication platform: SPUR policy reports


* SPUR is a nonprofit public policy organization in the Bay Area. It brings people together from across the political spectrum to develop solutions to the big problems cities face. They conduct work through research, education and advocacy because they believe these tools have the power to change minds and shape outcomes. They ground their work in a spirit of inquiry and a big-tent perspective that engages partners and communities across the region.

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