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Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies (USA)


x Postdoctoral Research Associate on Rental Markets, Affordability and Sustainability

CIRAD Developing Economies Lab (Costa Rica)

& Centre Pompidou Architecture Department (France)


x Engaged in fieldwork with local economic stakeholders

x Collaborated to the planning of several exhibitions


APUR Atelier Parisien d'Urbanisme (France)

2022 - Present

x Partners in the project include: Council of Paris, Paris Mayor's Office, Métropole du Grand Paris
x Comprehensive evaluation of innovative environmental initiatives and public health amenities [Grand Paris Aménagement, Société du Grand Paris, Paris Habitat...]
x Identification, design, implementation and dissemination of research + evaluation projects
x Zooms on other cities' strategies to curb inequities across France and around the globe [comparisons with
North-American and European cities]
x Relationship building + management with government officials, policymakers, practitioners and researchers [WHO, Public Design Commission, NY EDC, Urban Design Forum, Baltimore and Chicago Public Health...]


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

2021 - Present

External Expert Consultant

Comprehensive evaluation of Morocco’s national urban policy reform efforts in planning, public-private partnerships, and citizen participation

Relationship building + management with local government officials, policymakers, practitioners and researchers

[Mayor’s Offices and Planning agencies in Rabat, Casablanca, Tangiers, Marrakech and Agadir]

SPUR San Francisco think tank (USA) & Urban Act agency (France)

2014 - 2016

x Facilitated research during fieldwork and report writing for

a European grant on how to implement a successful energy transition

x Engaged in the initial steps for the launch of SPUR's third office in Oakland


Nonprofit work & Grant writing

Ateliers d'Alger

2017 - Present

Co-Founder and Treasurer-Accountant

Collective focusing on urban planning solutions for the city of Algiers,

based on local participatory workshops, civic engagement

and the curation of expertise from local and transnational professionals.

Grant writing:

x Map all grants so that the team can understand the totality of investments

x Analyze and create periodic reports that summarize common themes

across the portfolio of grants, for the purpose of strategy refinement

x Review grant proposals and prepare analysis that reflects

grant outcomes and their contribution to the team's strategic goals

x Identify and anticipate emerging trends in grantmaking

Citizen participatory workshop coordination:

x With groups of residents in several neighborhoods of Algiers,

in order to implement solutions & new infrastructure

co-designed with partner nonprofit organizations and public sector agents

x Partner with architecture and planning agencies in other cities: eg. SOL architecture NPNRU Edouard Vaillant-Abreuvoir



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